Sunday, December 23, 2007


Woo Hoo!! Yesterday I was a busy girl but you are going to love the new designs!!!!I made a printable shapes coloring book with simple shapes to color, also the name of the shape listed below each one.
The link is:
Just click on the shapes link and the book will open in a new window ready to be printed!

The next one you will really love so please take a look! I made a birthday/anniversary calendar for each month so those special dates can be remembered, each month has a craft gift, directions are given as to how to make the craft, the craft is perfect for any child to make for gift giving! The best part is the calendar can also be colored!
The link is:
Click on the link: printable birthday/anniversary calendar and the calendar will open in a new window ready to be printed!!
Enjoy!!!! Let me know what you think!!

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