Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Free Printable Santa Stencils

Santa is a well-recognized symbol of the holiday season and free printable Santa stencils are great to use on clothing, craft projects, holiday d├ęcor and even the walls. Using a Santa stencil on items is the perfect way to make something look more festive for the holidays, plus since the Santa stencils are printable and free, holiday decorating is done on the cheap. Here you will find a good selection of free printable Santa stencils.

This website has a full body free printable Santa stencil along with 3 other Santa stencils that include an additional full body Santa, side view of the Santa face stencil and simple Santa head stencil. There are also many other free printable holiday stencils offered on this website.

Here you will find a simple, but practical free printable Santa stencil. The Santa stencil would be excellent for a sweatshirt or pillow; the larger size makes it great for decorative clothing or home use. The website has lots of wonderful free printable holiday resources, be sure to take the time to check out the site.

This website offers a simple free printable Santa hat stencil; this free stencil is good for a multitude of holiday projects at home or for school use, such as an easy stenciling or coloring activity for the holiday party. The Santa hat stencil is also good for making invitations for a holiday party; the simple shape is a great use for many holiday related items.
There is a free printable Santa stencil face offered on this website, this one would be excellent for stenciling on gift bags or gift tags. This Santa stencil could also be used to make a festive holiday garland for the tree and home.

Here you will find an excellent free printable Santa stencil of the full body with Santa holding the gift bag over his shoulder. The Santa image could be stenciled and then details added to the Santa image. This Santa stencil would also work well just as a holiday coloring page; there are many uses for this free printable stencil.

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